Summer 2011
Instructors: David Wong

As part of my continued interest in the field of online learning, I focused my research proposal design in CEP 822 toward the affordances and hinderances of online learning. Toward this effort, I designed an empirical study to learn more about the relationship between online learning and student achievement to explore the theoretical aspects of my current passion in education. Specifically I wanted to address these questions:

  • Does learning in online environments improve student performance in comparison to traditional learning environments?
  • Do student attitudes toward, and accessibility to, online learning environments affect performance in online learning environments?

In the process, I hoped that answering these questions will help me address the following:

  • Does my passion for online learning make it a successful practice for me as an individual teacher or is there an inherent advantage in online learning that actually improves learning?

Click here to view the full research proposal in PDF format