Spring 2012
Instructors: Rand Spiro, Michelle Schira Hagerman, Paul Morsink

P-CITeS: A Framework for Critical Online Reading, by Jeff Gerlach

P-CITeS teaches five essential skills for becoming a more critical reader of online resources. These skills include activating prior knowledge about the subject and authorship, credentialing the author, identifying the purpose, figuring out if a resource is time sensitive or timeless, and recognizing site organization.

I designed this online learning module to teach and re-enforce the importance of recognizing who is creating the information that we read online. One aspect that complicates digital literacy for struggling readers is that implicit trust of information is far more dangerous than it is with traditionally printed text. The vetting for legitimacy shifts from the publisher’s responsibility to the that of the reader. This makes questioning everything and resource triangulation prerequisites to online literacy in the digital age.

Explore and learn the P-CITeS framework by clicking here.