Fall 2011
Instructors: Nick Sheltrown, Andy Saltarelli

We must bridge the gap between home and school

To say that teachers don’t communicate with parents, family, and other shareholders in our students’ success would be false. In fact great efforts are made. In my own experience, I respond to voicemails, emails, and post daily assignments to a class website… daily. Active teachers and active parents find a way to get this job done. But what if there was a way to let these ‘above and beyond’ interactions become part of pre-existing routines?

With increasing use of social media, for better or for worse, a great majority of our community are already spending time on websites like Facebook & Twitter. If we, as teachers, merged our classroom website information with these popular web destinations… communication could be enhanced.

As part of CEP 815, I created a self-sustaining technology adoption proposal to help address this issue called, Bridging the Gap.

Click to view the Bridging the Gap adoption proposal