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As a technology nut, I love when I can couch an alternative assessment within a project based activity. A great example from this school year was a storyboard/ video project that students created. The goal was to envision and then create a short video that could teach viewers how plate tectonics can have an effect on people’s lives.

Actually putting these storyboards into production was intentionally made worth a single point on the rubric in the creativity category. This helped the lesson meet the needs of my my diverse learners by challenging and rewarding those students who demonstrated content mastery and creative ambition. Meanwhile, making the storyboard worth the bulk of the points allowed other groups to receive repeated rounds of feedback and revision from myself. Many groups re-drafted and cut up the storyboard slides to reorder them. All the while, they were revisiting the content over and over again throughout this creative process.

Because this project took place over a relatively short period of time, many groups chose to compartmentalize the assignment responsibilities to complete outside of school. Some groups worked on storyboard ideas outside of school while some groups chose to outsource the videography. Students who were absent durning this stretch of classroom time were able to print off materials and complete the assignment on their own time.

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