Every day we follow the same format. There are four procedures that students should familiarize themselves with:

Thought Starters

  • When you get to history class each day there will be something for you to do right away called a Thought Starter (TS).
  • Complete every TS in your spiral notebook.
  • Start your TS right away. Don’t wait for the bell and don’t wait for a teacher to tell you to start.
  • A completed TS will earn you a signature next to it when Mr. G comes around to give you feedback. The more signatures you have, the better your timeliness grade will be on your next notebook evaluation!

Essential Questions

  • Essential Questions are the questions we want to be able to answer by the time we leave class.
  • When the Essential Questions are posted on the board. Write them in your spiral notebook.
  • The activities and notes that we put in our notebooks will help to answer the essential questions.
  • Essential Questions almost always become test/quiz questions!

Main Event

The Main Event is the biggest part of the class period and serves as the “lab” portion of our time together. Here we will explore new concepts, participate in collaborative activities, and engage in project based learning modules.

Tying Up Loose Ends

  • The last few minutes of class we will have, Tying Up Loose Ends time.
  • During this time we will try to answer the Essential Questions by means of quick writes, group discussions, games that test our retention of concepts, and so many more things that help bring closure to our day and help set us up for success the next time we meet.
  • Please stay in your seats. The bell does not dismiss you, I do

    Click here to view a pdf version of the daily procedures