Essential Teacher Beliefs

Educator Responsibilities

  • Content Knowledge (Observed)
  • Continuing Professional Development (Observed)
  • Pedagogical Knowledge (Observed)
  • Reflection (Observed)
  • Professional Collaboration (Observed)
  • Embedding Technology (Observed)

Classroom Responsibilities

  • Creating an Environment for Learning (Observed)
  • Routines to Maximize Instruction
  • Supportive Personal Relationships with Students (Observed)
  • Embedding Technology (Observed)

Initial and On-Going Instructional Planning

Investing in Families and the Community

Engagement and Motivation of All Learners

  • Cultural Relevance (Observed)
  • Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition (Observed)
  • Tapping into Student Interest and Expertise (Observed)
  • Embedding Technology (Observed)

Activation and Extension of Knowledge

  • Relevance (Observed)
  • Making Connections/Deep Knowledge (Observed)
  • Mnemonic Devices (Observed)
  • Embedding Technology (Observed)


Stimulation of Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving


Multiple Opportunities for Practice, Mastery, and Assessment

Flexible Grouping

Using Data

Using Multiple Data Sources

Instructional Decision-Making